Preparing computers for you, ​
​the way that I would like to receive them! 

Please Note

​I do not operate as a business or sell laptops for profit. ​​I work on computers to help keep my mind off of chronic pain and the many other health issues that I have to deal with. ​​I call it computer therapy! You can call it a great opportunity to get a great commercial computer. 
​I work very hard to be fair to people. I certainly do not charge like regular computer shops. I care about what I do and care about the people that put their trust in me.

What I charge for, is the hardware I put into the laptops I sell. I do not consider the extreme number of hours of time I spend refurbishing, repairing, upgrading, cleaning, formatting, installing and tweaking these units.

Professionally Refurbished Laptops available...
​...always working on others!

​​...providing a full range of laptop repairs!

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                      | I was Born here.
                      | Happy Valley, Goose Bay, Hamilton Inlet, Labrador.
Happy Adventure, Eastport Peninsula, Bonavista Bay, Newfoundland.
                      |Raised here.
            | Family originally settled here, from Great Britain, UK.
Little Catalina, Trinity Bay,  Newfoundland.
Family origin Great Britain, UK.
Mel Stead
Happy Valley: I had a father and mother, Simeon and Maude Stead. I also had a mom and dad, Elsie and Emore Powell!

Let me explain: I was the 4th of 5 children. There was supposed to be a 6th, but the midwife did not realize there was another  baby. However when she realized there was a twin, she tried to turn the baby, but failed. I lost a sister and my mother died of a massive coronary. I was  about 15 months old at the time. The baby went to stay with a family friend a few doors down the street. I went to Happy Adventure, to stay with my Aunt and Uncle's home...and because the arrangement became permanent...My fathers sister Elsie and her husband Emore, essentially became my mom and dad!...

I meet the beautiful woman that became my precious wife in Toronto, Ontario!  On June 22, 2019 we celebrated our 51st anniversary. I am still  head over heels in love with her. ...

...My fascination with computers started a year or two before Bill Gates released  Windows 3.0. For the last dozen years I have taken computers and assisting people serious. I have clients from Victoria on Vancover Island , British Columbia in the West all the way to the East, St. John's Newfoundland & Labrador.